Since 1954, the U-505 submarine exhibit has been a popular draw at the world-renowned Museum of Science and Industry, and while its WWII technology is still quite fascinating to audiences the museum’s leadership has recognized the need for a modern new media component to enhance visitors’ engagement.

Leviathan was brought aboard by Luci Creative to help rethink the concept of a “diving simulator” attraction, using three large screens, 4D sound and console game-quality graphics via the Unreal Engine, as well as analog controls for each of the three simulation units (which were engineered and fabricated by
Ravenswood Studio).

As alluring as an arcade game but anchored by historical fact, this fun-filled educational experience challenges each user to avoid death by torpedoes, depth charges and crushing water pressure,
or escape unharmed.

Creative Director: Kyle Shoup
Interactive Director: Austin Mayer
Senior Producer: Ellen Schopler
Technical Director: Adam Berg
Sr. Programmer: Kevin Razmus
VFX: Lisa Starc, Anthony Malagutti
Art Director: Anthony Malagutti
2D Animation: Jesse Willis, Nik Braatz
3D Modeling & Animation: Andrew Butterworth, Anthony Malagutti
Technical Lighting & Texture: Anthony Malagutti
Research: Andrew Falth
Editor: Kirill Mazor
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White


Video Editor: Kirill Mazor
Lead Designer: Gareth Fewel
Producer: Erica Grubman
Production Assistant: Becka Riccio
3D Animation: Andrew Butterworth
Soundtrack: Marmoset
Sound Design: Dustin Camilleri


Exhibit Design: Luci Creative
Exhibit Fabrication: Ravenswood Studio
A/V Integration: Creative Technology

Created at Leviathan