Created with as a compliment to their forthcoming environmental documentary "Last Call At The Oasis" which touches on the fresh water crisis already evident in our world today. The piece promotes awareness for the costs of hidden or "embedded" water in the things that compose our everyday lives, and it provides a call to action for how you can start conserving water in all of the obvious places first.

Initial character & concept designs developed with Tara D.  [Lil'BrownBird]

Client: Take Part / Participant Media

Written & Directed by: Samantha Hart
Producer: Evan Cohen
Creative Direction: R. Kyle Shoup
Editor: Steve Morrison
Animation: R. Kyle Shoup, Jesse Willis, Jennifer Moody
Designers: R. Kyle Shoup, Jennifer Moody, Tara D.
Illustration & Character Design: Tara D.
Copywriting: Julie Hall
Sound Design: Todd C. Beyer
Client: TakePart / Participant Media

Created at Foundation Content