Created for the Art Institute of Chicago, JourneyMaker is a family-oriented museum guide designed by you. Filled with activities and points of interest, there are over 200,000 possible museum journeys! That's a lot of possibilities.

Client: The Art Institue of Chicago

Executive Producer - Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director - Jason White

Creative Director - Kyle Shoup
Producer - Gina Giambalvo
Associate Producer - Erica Grubman
Lead Editor - Kirill Mazor

Director - Daniel Ryan -
Director of Photography - Mike Weldon -
Camera Assistant - Michael Gleeson
Gaffer - Charles Anderson

Lead Animator: Nik Braatz
2D/3D Design & Animation - Gareth Fewel, Nik Braatz, Alexis Copeland
Storyboard Artist: Mike Coon
Compositing: Nik Braatz, Alexis Copeland
Color Grading: Mikey Pehanich at The Mill

Sound Design: Joel Corelitz
Soundtrack: Joel Corelitz

Created at Leviathan