Jabil may well be one of the largest companies you’ve not heard of, though the 45-year-old $18B tech giant is also behind 250 of the best brands on the planet. To generate more awareness of its brand the manufacturer developed Blue Sky Center, the 100,000-square-foot design and demo facility in San Jose, CA, which highlights Jabil’s innovations through product and experiences.

One such experience created through Leviathan’s collaboration with Jabil-subsidiary Radius: a physical diorama paired with interactive digital content. Using 3D printed buildings and machine-milled topography plus projected content, the installation was conceived as an in-the-round virtual civic planner that would demonstrate the interconnected aspects of a future city. Multiple tablets were added to display supplemental material and allow control of various Internet-of-Things content scenarios.

Creative Director: Kyle Shoup
Producer: Gina Giambalvo
Sr. Programmer/Engineer: Adam Berg
Programmer/Engineer: David Braun
2D Designer/Animator/UI Designer: Ely Beyer
2D Designer/Animator/3D Animator: Nik Braatz
Sound Designer/Network Engineer: Lucas Schira
UV Mapper: Tobias Mattner
3D Modeler: Nate Davies
2D Designer and Animator/3D Animator: Jesse Willis
3D Modeler: CJ Sails
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly

Base fabrication: Lexington Design + Fabrication
3D printer for hero buildings: Five Star Plastics
Topographic model fabricator: Columbian Model + Exhibit Works, Ltd

Managing Director: Jim Caruso
Senior Engineer: Chris Wlezien
Director of Research/Script Editor: Barbara Ballard

Creative Director/Editor/2D Designer: Gareth Fewel
3D Designer and Animator/Assistant Editor/Videographer: Tobias Mattner
Original Score, Sound Design: Waveplant Studios
Producer: Gina Giambalvo
Videographer: Andrew Birchett

Created at Leviathan