Art Explainer is a visual edutainment series focused on exploring the formal qualities within art. Created in collaboration with The Art Institute of Chicago,
Leviathan developed a visual and narrative framework by which future series expansion can be based on.

Client: The Art Institue of Chicago

Executive Producer - Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director - Jason White

Creative Director - Kyle Shoup
Producer - Gina Giambalvo
Associate Producer - Erica Grubman, Brittany Maddock
Lead Editor - Kirill Mazor
Writer - Katie Brandt

Lead Animator: Nik Braatz
2D/3D Design & Animation - Kyle Shoup, Krzysztof Pianko, Nik Braatz, Thomas Jurgensen, Andrew Butterworth, Gareth Fewel

Sound Design: Joel Corelitz
Soundtrack: Joel Corelitz

Created at Leviathan